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May 16, 2007

Technology Business

Technology Business. Genius People are always trying to make some thing new, different with others, by modify the natural world to suit their own purposes. Mostly it refers to the diverse collection of processes and knowledge by human abilities and satisfy human needs or want, called "Technology".

1. Technology business - Mobile.
Motorola announced a new style today, they released a mobile that called "the new slimmer RAZR2". Mobile with 2,2 inch screen, faster ARM processor, real-time point-to-point video and ultra-fast menu navigation all packed into a 2mm slimmer, using CrystalTalk Technology, capable to 2GB of on-board memory, Web browsing, stronger and sleeker design.

2. Technology business - Internet.
Amazon.com Inc. say that their company will launch a digital music store later in 2007 with millions of songs, free of copy protection technology that limits where consumers can play their music on virtually any of their personal devices, including personal computers, Apple Inc. Macintoshes, Apple's iPods, Microsoft Corp., ect. Amazon's company said music company EMI Group has licensed its digital catalog to the store.

3. Technology Business - Software.
Microsoft inc. plan to increasing processing power and rich Web applications would work hand-in-hand with the Internet to deliver services across devices, whether mobile or in the living room.

They also plans to innovate in building a more natural interface for the PC. A new types of technology divice to bring together all types of communications (instant messaging, voice mail, email and video conferencing) by merge between Internet telephony, or voice over Internet protocol.


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